FAQ Brezelkönig App


Does the Brezelkönig app / does using the Brezelkönig app cost anything?

Downloading and using the Brezelkönig app is free of charge. However if you use the Brezelkönig app on the go, mobile data may be used which your mobile phone provider may charge you for. Please enquire about this with your mobile phone provider.

Can I order products as well using the Brezelkönig app?

No, there isn’t an online shop integrated in the Brezelkönig app. Products need to be bought directly in Brezelkönig stores.

Can I also use the app even if I don’t have an internet connection?

Yes, the Brezelkönig app can also be used without an internet connection. However, a connection is required for error-free operation. You won’t receive any new vouchers during periods without an internet connection. However, you can redeem your existing and activated vouchers if they are still valid. With an existing crown card, you can also collect crowns without an internet connection.
Crowns will be credited to your account in any event. However, they will only be displayed in the app the next time your smartphone connects to the internet.

How can I close my account and delete my personal information?

You can request the deletion of your personal details via our Support. Please note: vouchers will not be paid out. Accounts that have been inactive for over two years will be deleted automatically.

My Brezelkönig

What is «My Brezelkönig»?

«My Brezelkönig» is Brezelkönig’s loyalty programme. «My Brezelkönig» allows you to collect crowns every time you visit and benefit from attractive perks directly in the app. To participate in «My Brezelkönig», you will need to download the Brezelkönig app and register yourself.

What benefits do I have with «My Brezelkönig»?

The following benefits are in store for you with «My Brezelkönig»:

  • As a thank you for registering, you’ll receive a welcome gift and five crowns from Brezelkönig.
  • On your birthday, we’ll wish you all the best and give you an original pretzel as a present.
  • You’ll receive a free product with every full crown card. The higher your status, the more attractive your benefits.
  • Further benefits are in store for you depending on your status. From the status of Pretzel Prince/Princess (silver) onwards, you’ll receive a free upgrade to an XL hot drink.


What do I get crowns for?

You receive one crown for each visit to a Brezelkönig store. You will also receive a one-time gift of five crowns for registering in the app.

Where can I collect crowns?

You can collect crowns at any Brezelkönig store in Switzerland.

How can I collect crowns?

Crowns are collected automatically when you have the sales staff scan the QR code of your customer card in the app.

How can I redeem crowns?

For every full crown card you will receive vouchers, which you can activate in the Brezelkönig app whenever you like. Activated vouchers are stored on the QR code of your customer card and can be redeemed by sales staff scanning this QR code at the checkout.

Do crowns have a direct cash equivalent?

No, crowns don’t have a direct cash equivalent.

How is my crown level defined?

Your individual crown balance is defined by the number of crowns you have collected over the preceding 365 days.

Do crowns expire?

Yes, your individual crown balance is defined by the number of crowns you have collected over the preceding 365 days. The crowns on the stamp card do not expire.

Will I have all the crowns I’ve collected back in the app after an update?

Yes, all crowns are automatically transferred after an update.

Can you collect crowns with Too Good Too Go orders?

No. You’re not entitled to crowns for Too Good Too Go orders.

Crown Card

How do crown cards work?

For every visit to Brezelkönig stores, one crown is credited to your digital crown card. Full crown cards (= 10 crowns collected) generate benefits (e.g. in the form of vouchers). Which voucher you receive is determined by the status you hold, which is based on your total number of crowns at the time you received your last crown.

Can I only use the crown card myself?

Only you can use your crown card, and on your account.

How long does it take for new crowns to be displayed in the app or for me to receive my voucher for a free product when my crown card is full?

For technical reasons, it may take up to a minute for newly purchased crowns to be displayed in the app or for corresponding vouchers to appear in the voucher section. Closing and reopening the app may speed up this process.


What do the different statuses mean?

Your status defines which benefits you enjoy within “My Brezelkönig”. The higher your status, the more attractive your benefits.

When do I reach which status?

The number of crowns you collect determines your status. You can improve your status by collecting crowns:

  • Every user starts with the status Pretzel Knight/Dame (crown level: 0–9 crowns) [Bronze]
  • At a crown level of 10 crowns, you earn the status Pretzel Prince/Princess [Silver]
  • At a crown level of 30 crowns, you earn the status Pretzel King/Queen [Gold]

How long will my status last?

A higher status remains valid for a further 365 days, even if you no longer have the necessary crown level.


Can I redeem several vouchers at the same time?

Yes, it is possible to redeem several vouchers at the same time. Simply activate all the vouchers you wish to redeem and have the QR code on your loyalty card scanned the next time you visit.

How long can I redeem my vouchers?

The validity period is always noted under the voucher with “Valid until: date”. You can redeem your voucher up to and including this date.

Can I also redeem my digital vouchers without a smartphone?

No, the digital vouchers cannot be redeemed without a smartphone and the Brezelkönig app.

I redeemed my vouchers by mistake. Is it possible to reverse this?

No, unfortunately an accidental redemption cannot be reversed.

What happens when a voucher has been redeemed?

One-off vouchers disappear from the app after they have been redeemed. Vouchers that can be redeemed several times (e.g. upgrade to XL hot drink) remain in the app as long as the conditions are met.

How can I redeem a voucher?

By activating your voucher and having sales staff scan the QR code on your loyalty card when you visit.

Where can I redeem my vouchers?

Brezelkönig vouchers may be redeemed at Brezelkönig stores in Switzerland. Our “Locations” function will help you find your nearest Brezelkönig outlet. Some products are not available at all stores.

Why can’t I find a QR code on my voucher?

Vouchers don’t have their own QR code. When you activate a voucher, it is automatically stored on the QR code of your customer card. When you visit a Brezelkönig store, all you have to do is have your customer card’s QR code scanned and all relevant activated vouchers will be redeemed automatically.

Data privacy

What happens to my data when I delete my account via Support?

All personal data stored with Valora will be deleted when your app account is deleted.

What does Valora do with my mobile phone number?

Your mobile phone number must be entered during registration and then serves as an identification feature for your user account. For this reason, your mobile phone number is stored and treated confidentially in accordance with Valora’s privacy regulations and is not passed on to third parties.

Why should I enter my date of birth when registering?

We’d like to congratulate you on your birthday and send you a voucher for a free product.

What happens to my personal data?

The data you provide when registering and your purchase data are primarily stored for the fulfilment and processing of the app functions.
The Brezelkönig app uses “cookies” and the web analysis tools Google Analytics and Firebase to securely analyse your data. These findings help Valora to continuously improve the Brezelkönig app and our service to you and optimally adapt it to your needs. For more information, please read the Brezelkönig app’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Brezelkönig Stores

Can I also see the opening hours of the Brezelkönig stores via the «Locations» function?

Yes, you can use the “Locations” function to view the location and opening hours of our storers. Opening hours on public holidays may differ from the opening hours displayed.